Patient Services

Kids First Pediatric Clinic offers a wide range of services to help sick or injured children get well, and healthy children maintain their wellness. Dr. Jabbour’s dedicated team will guide you through routine checkups, vaccinations to emergency treatment.
We offer:

  • mother-service

    Maternity Options

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! As a proud parent Dr. Jabbour can relate to all the emotions you are going through. Finding out that you are pregnant..

  • samedaysick

    Same-Day Appointments

    Life happens and you can’t afford to wait for a spot to open-up on a physician’s calendar. Dr. Jabbour understands your concern and does her best..

  • well-child

    Wellness Visits for Your Child

    The first two years of your child’s life is when your child experiences physical, mental and emotional development. Dr. Jabbour wants to make..

  • illness-big

    Illness or Injury

    Dr. Jabbour recognizes that an illness or injury can happen at any time; that’s why Kids Pediatric Clinic has treatment plans for a variety of symptoms..

  • immunizations


    Today’s society is divided on whether or not your child should receive an immunization. Dr. Jabbour believes that immunizations are an..

  • adoption_medicine_consultations

    Medical Adoption Consultations

    Dr. Jabbour specializes in adoption services. Pre and post adoption screenings ease the anxiety levels of parents considering adoption.



Adolescent Health and the Teenage Years

February 20, 2015

The adolescent years can be challenging for parents and their teens. Health and emotional issues, body image and puberty can be the cause of frustration and in some cases exasperation. But these years can also bring forth closeness, joy and many fun moments for parents and kids.

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MRI technique developed for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in children

Between 5 and 8 million children in the United States have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), yet most cases go undiagnosed.

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